How to get yourself in whitelist : Cryptotales NFT

Hello fellow Tale tellers! we know you’re all asking for one question... HOW DO I GET WHITELIST???
So we’re going to outline how to get Whitelisted .

There are many ways to get whitelisted for Cryptotales NFT Sale on Feb 20 ( NFT utility project which will give access to Cryptotales ecosystem )

👉 Contribute to the community

  • Be active and helpful within the community
  • Contribute with fan-art & meme contests and other content production related channels

👉 Giveaways/Contests

We will be giving away whitelist spots on Twitter and Instagram page.
Make sure to follow
We’ll be running whitelist giveaways on both.

👉 A gleam Whitelist Competition will Starts on 31 Jan for 500 WL spots

Join telegram group & Discord server to know more about the competition

👉 Boosting project visibility

  • Posting about Cryptotales on social media
  • Interacting with our posts on social media. This includes liking, commenting and retweeting our tweets, and interacting with our community
  • Representing Cryptotales (e.g. using an image from sneak-peek as your profile picture or adding "| Cryptotales " to your name)

👉 Nominations on Discord

  • We will open the #🎁︱nominations channel. Members will be able to nominate other community members.
  • If someone in the Discord helps you, please put them in #🎁︱nominations and provide a brief detail on how they helped you and why you believe they deserve a whitelist spot.

👉 Partnerships and AMAs

  • We will give away whitelist spots to other projects we partner/collaborate with
  • We will partner with other creators and give away whitelist spots

Whitelist only gives you access to a sale, this does not mean you can get an NFT for free.

You, the community will be able to decide what to add/change in terms of whitelist requirements. If you have any suggestions, please send to @talesghost (telegram) & @zarcian_ (twitter)

You can choose your way to get whitelisted there plenty of ways for every user.



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