A World’s First NFT Powered Decentralized VC and Multi Chain Launchpad.

Crypto Tales is a first-of-it’s-kind decentralized venture capital (VC) and launchpad platform built on Solana (SOL) Blockchain. Our primary goal is to accrue value for our community by making it easy to invest in Blockchain projects. We are also simplifying how
Blockchain startups can raise funds for their projects. In essence, we are a bridge-builder between the real-world capital needs of startups and the Blockchain services aligned with investors protection and compliance.

The Crypto tales ecosystem is powered by cryptotales NFT — nft token issued on Solana Blockchain that allows holders to participate in the deals on the platform. Investors can join Cryptotales launchpad by buying NFT and exit at their convenience by selling NFTs to the Cryptotales system (at the INO price) or by trading them in the Marketplace. Cryptotales does not favour whales like all other platform by giving all CT — NFT at the same price. Cryptotales will allow any investor — whether a beginner or small investor — to access and make investment decisions seemlessly and transparently.

more details coming soon….



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